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Buying Single Family Properties For Rental Income

A Strategy For Buying Single Family Properties For Rental Income And To Maximize Your Profit

For the price of 3 Chic-fil-A meals, I will show you a 5 Step Strategy to save you thousands of $$$$

It’s not about buying the property below market value.

It’s not about getting the seller to finance some or all of the purchase price.

It’s not about some exotic form of financing.

It is a simple but strategic approach to buying single family properties for rental income and to increase your profit when you sell it.

Order 5 Step Strategy Course and I will walk you thru the 5 Step Strategy in a 30 minute video that will cost you $24.99. That’s considerably less than most real estate courses but you may become a future client so making money from the video is not my goal.

I am an “Exclusive Buyer Representative Broker,” member of the National, South Carolina and Charleston Associations of Realtors and the “Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council.”

I do not charge a fee for my services. I cooperate with listing brokers who reimburse me for my services.

Not planning to invest in the short term?

Don’t worry. Much of this strategy can be used to save on the purchase of a personal residence.


About Kent Lawrence

Kent Lawrence is a native of Norfolk, Virginia with a BS in Business from Old Dominion University with over 28 years experience in business and real estate, owning the “Norfolk Hot Dog” and the “Riverboat” restaurants in Norfolk. He has been licensed in real estate in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and South Carolina and was formerly the Managing Partner of Lawrence and Associates Developers in Maryland. He has experience in real estate development and project management with responsibility for all compliance requirements with State and Local authorities. For his company, he was the leading negotiator on all contracts.

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(Completing all 5 Steps on a $166,000 (20% down) single family property using a 5% appreciation rate and renting it the first 12 months is projected to have an ROI of +25%) 

“A Great Experience”

“It has been a pleasure working with you on the Family Dollar project and it was your skill that brought it to a win-win conclusion.”

Tommy Thornhill

Founder, Clement, Crawford & Thornhill

“Always There ”

“Kent Lawrence proved to be an excellent realtor and advisor. Mr. Lawrence provided extensive research to assist us with making the best decisions regarding negotiating the sale of our property. We’re happy to recommend him as a top notch realtor!”

Carolyn Lecque & James Lecque

“Another successful experience”

“I recently worked with Kent on a successful real estate transaction. Kent’s experience and professionalism kept the deal a win win for all parties.

Throughout the process Kent was honest, reliable, responsive and demonstrated great problem solving skills. I can confidently recommend Kent Lawrence for a professional real estate representation to any party.”

Charles Donnelly, Realtor

Keller Williams, Charleston – Mount Pleasant

“My Thoughts”

“Kent Lawrence is an an excellent realtor and advisor.”

Judge, Joseph Mendelsohn

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